vvvv subpatch

Creating a Subpatch

There are two ways to create a subpatch:

  • automagically (by grouping nodes)
  • manually (by labeling IOBoxes)

Grouping Nodes

Select a group of nodes that you want to collapse into one node and press CTRL+G. This will cut those nodes, paste them in a subpatch and keep all connections to nodes that were not in the selection.

Note that the name of the node/subpatch at this point is quite generic. It is therefore advised that you now rightclick the new node and then press CTRL+SHIFT+S in order to Save As… it under a suitable name.

Also you may want to have a look at the Descriptive Name of the IOBoxes that were automatically inserted and give them more meaningful names where applicable.

Labeling IOBoxes

Create a new empty subpatch within the current patch by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+P. Place nodes in that patch as desired and create IOBoxes for all values that you want to take into or return from that patch. Set a Descriptive Name via the Inspektor or by a simple middle-click on the IOBox in order to make them show up as inlets/outlets on the patches node.

Press CTRL+SHIFT+S in order to Save As… the patch under a suitable name.